About us

Truemeteo.com is a unique project that provides its users with truly accurate weather forecasts for an up to ten days period of time. Phenomenal accuracy of our forecasts results from the combination of two factors:

  1. An incredible team of talented professionals. Our team includes leading specialists in Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning. And… a meteorologist, just one.
  2. Unique algorithm “TrueForecastAlgo” that can correct the data from meteorological stations.

How Does Truemeteo Work?

We cooperate with some meteorological services that send us their weather forecast data from Earth-based and orbital meteorological stations alike. Most of the weather websites you visit merely post the data they get. This data doesn’t obtain a high degree of accuracy, and that’s due to the outdated technology.

Here, at Trumeteo, we developed and patented the unique algorithm “TrueForecastAlgo” that questions data gathered by meteorological stations and corrects it. The algorithm works the following way:

  1. There’s a 5PB of forecast data from all over the world for the last 20 years in Cloud Big Data Storage.
  2. A machine learning system developed by our specialists had analyzed all the gathered data more than a trillion times.
  3. As a result, we got an algorithm that uses historical data and can build a vector of a similar scenario development from only three points.
  4. Before reaching the Truemeteo.com conclusion, all the forecasts are processed by this algorithm with the help of additional methods of post-processing that include various versions of a dynamic multi-model MOS and Kalman filter. Truemeteo widely uses complex statistical analysis to reduce the anticipated faults to the maximum. To do this, it uses all the accessible data from several weather models, global as well as local, plus all the measuring parameters available.   

Before we launched Truemeteo.com, our team had been testing the algorithm for eight months. To do this, we installed individual test stations in 20 different spots of the world. They transmitted the actual weather indicators to us. As a result, we reached 98,6% accuracy of our 24-hour forecast,  97,1% accuracy for our 72-hour forecast, and 89,6% for our 220-hour forecast. By comparison, modern meteorological stations provide us with short-term forecasts (less than 5 hours) with 95% accuracy and long-term forecasts (up to 140 hours) with 60% accuracy.

What We Pursue

Our team never stops. Our goal is to create a system that will provide you with 100% accuracy forecasts for any spot of the world for the period of up to 28 days. Every day we face the challenges and overcome them. You can help us reach our goal quicker. If you noticed that our forecast is different from the weather in your city, please write to us. Data like this could help us find problem zones in our algorithm.

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